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Check Us Out at UNF and Art Walk + Holistic Classes Coming

I'll be set up rain-or-shine at UNF every Wednesday this September (thus far, but I will update if there's any changes!) from 10am to 2pm! Also, I'll be in front of The Landing for Art Walk on the first Wednesday of September from 5pm to 10pm! See you there!

(Tentative flier, the date on here has already changed to October)

By the by, I get LOADS of requests for classes on herbalism, aromatherapy, natural product creation, reiki, gemstones, and even starting your own creative business, blog or website. I'll be perfecting those classes this month and they are to premier at Yarn Cow in Riverside this October! If you want more information please do send an e-mail or give me a call at 904-660-8328. If you'd like me to host classes at a venue near you, let me know.

Life this month will have lots days where I'm haunted by a man-bat as a type away into the night! Which sounds like heaven to me, hell yes, September. I have two months to decorate with all the creepy things and enjoy my normal horror movie marathons without being considered (even-more) insane! Hope you have a wonderful month and of course I'll pop-in with any updates!