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About us

I'm so glad you've found your way here, thank you for supporting small, local business! 

Come visit our store at 2726 College St. Jacksonville, Florida 32204
HOURS: Monday-Saturday 1PM - 7PM, We're closed on Sundays
Call Vanessa at 904-660-8328 for directions

My name's Vanessa Alvarado, and I adore all things herbs, aromatherapy and natural healing! I'm a certified Aromatherapist and Herbalist via Florida Holistic School of Health and I put all of that training to work creating a super-healing product line made with high quality, therapeutic grade herbs and essential oils. All of our products are locally made by myself, or my mom, Connie, who's ALSO a certified Clinical Herbalist. 

We're a small local business that makes small batches of plant medicine and healing products with great care for quality!

I believe in paying it forward, so if you have ANY questions at all about natural healing (got pains? I can advise), herbalism or aromatherapy give me a call at 904-660-8328 (ask for Vanessa) OR e-mail me at and I'll get right back to you with answers! No herbalist consultation required ;) BUT if you want to take classes with me check out my classes page for costs and locations.

Follow along with us on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter at @bodysoulsoap

Random Facts:

  • I've been blogging at for 7 years if you want to read along there! I write DIYs and tips for creative business owners.
  • I've been supporting myself with independent businesses (graphic designer/web designer/ product photography, vintage and antique dealer, now soaper!) for five years.
  • Because of this I've shipped THOUSANDS, yes, THOUSANDS of orders! There is little chance your item won't arrive safely, beautifully packaged!
  • I'm a Trained Gourmet Raw Vegan Chef! via Shakti Life Kitchen
  • Currently going to school for Bachelors Digital Media. Next I'd love to tackle a Bachelors in Nutrition! 
  • Currently vegan, but I once ate a hamburger a day- 30 lbs ago! Read my Health Journey Post
  • I've lived in Naples Italy, Charleston South Carolina, and Norfolk Virginia
  • I've lived the last twenty years in Jacksonville, North Florida.
  • I ADORE horror movies & Halloween. 
  • I have two older brothers (twins) that are five years older than me and 6 nieces/nephews! 
  • My mom is Mexican and my dad is Puerto Rican (seen below soon after they met in the 70s.)
  • I'm a HUGE Michael Jackson and Prince fan. My MJ record collection is formidable
  • Anime fan and general Japanophile. Unabashed lover of all-things-kawaii
  • Comic book  + horror video game fan. Favs: Batman, Resident Evil, Silent Hill, Parasite Eve
  • Robot + dinosaur toy and miniature object collector- I'm picky about the ones I induct!
  • My love of DINOSAURS, CEPHALOPODS and ROBOTS knows no bounds
  • I once lived in a camper on a mini-farm with a boyfriend--- and no internet! Loved it