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Now Hiring: Indoor Retail Position

We're offering a unique retail job opportunity with our Natural Goods Store in Brunswick, Georgia. Your job will consist of assisting our customers with finding the right new age and natural goods for their needs, cleaning, inventory, packing our outdoor events, and other store tasks and clerical work.


Job is 1-3 days per week. No full time positions available.


-Ability to lift 50+ lbs

-IMPORTANT: Attention to detail

-Excellent Customer Service & Positive Attitude :)


-Team Player

-Ability to follow instructions exactly

-Ability to learn & work quickly


Perks: -Training on natural goods, new age supplies and services

-Discounts on everything in-store (natural soaps, crystals, etc.)

-Ability to sell anything you make in-store

-Ability to host classes in-store


To Apply for Job, both steps REQUIRED for consideration:
Send your resume to in the body of the e-mail, include a brief summary on why you would like to work at our store.