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Meet The Body & Soul Team

Vanessa Alvarado
Co-CEO and Lead Herbalist

Tasks: Product Formulator, Marketing, Photography, Label and Graphic Design

Myer's Brigg: INFP

Hobbies/Interests: art, crafting, small business, reiki/shinto/buddhism/new-ageyness, Japan, minimalism, horror/weird movie trivia, cinephile, tea/cafe culture, veganism, vintage, funk/soul music, Prince, Michael Jackson, kawaii/small things, greyhounds, all the animals!

Hello! I'm Vanessa and I'm the lead certified herbalist behind the products, labeling, "look" and marketing of Body&Soul. A lot of people ask how I "got started" making our products and running this business. It's hard to answer because I never -wasn't- infused with home remedies, herbs, plants and natural care. My mom and her mom before her used remedies from old world Mexico. I made my own products in my teens and twenties and would get some requests to sell them but I was working in marketing and running a vintage business at the time. 

Herbs called me back after I sold my vintage business. Without a definite plan, and as if by fate, I got an opportunity to be certified in clinical herbalism and many other healing holistic arts like reiki, animal aromatherapy/flower essences, medical aromatherapy and much more. From there I formulated products with my mom, Connie (also a clinical herbalist!) and started selling them with my partner, AJ. A year into regular selling events we opened our local shop and apothecary. We still do TONS of pop-ups and sales events all over town and beyond!

I couldn't have predicted the path I'd be on with Body&Soul, but I'm so happy to be here. My next plan is to develop our apothecary/shop with loads of creative projects buzzing in my brain, add more informative products, and take our workshops on the road! I'm also excited to accept patients as an herbalist and just make some time to get as creative as possible!

I hope to see you at the shop or at one of our markets! Never hesitate to ask any questions! 



 AJ Copeland
Co-CEO and Operations Manager

Tasks: HR, Sales, Assembly Assistance, Accounting
Certifications: Personal Training

Myer's Brigg: ESTP

Hobbies/Interest: Flag Football, Weight Lifting, Nutrition, & Personal Training, Investing, Small Business, Essential Oils

AJ is the co-owner of Body&Soul. He and Vanessa bonded over a deep passion for holistic care, nutrition AND small business and the entrepreneurial spirit instantly and Body&Soul came soon after! Ask AJ any and all of your fitness and detailed nutrition questions, he'll have the answers!


Connie Alvarado
Herbalist and Product Formulator

Tasks: Develops and produces additional products for Body&Soul

Hobbies/Interests: herbalism, gardening, aromatherapy, soap-making, crafting, art, creativity, Chihuahuas, art, dancing, cooking, spirituality/new ageism, disco/funk music, thrifting, holistic health care

Myer's Brigg: ENFP

Connie Alvarado is the herbalist behind Body & Soul's famous bug spray, medicated bath bombs, tinctures, eczema lotion and various speciality items and soaps. Her #1 passion as an herbalist is digging deep and researching to create complex compounded formulations that work amazingly well! She's also a passionate gardener, crafter, and thrifter.

Kenneth "Ken" Greuter 
Herbal Product Salesclerk, Herbalist Padawan 

Say "Hi" to Ken at one of our markets!

Hobbies/Interests: history research, book collecting, herbalism, gardening, freelance research, classic cars

Meyer's Brigg: ENFP


Dani Fiore
Say "Hi" to Dani at one of our markets!

Hobbies/Interests: gardening, veganism, interior design, herbalism, holistic health care

Meyer's Brigg: ESFJ


Logan Pimenta 
Store manager in training, Background Ninja

cars, political science, holistic health care, weight lifting, anime, video games, guitar, music

Meyer's Brigg: ESFP

Body&Soul Tallahassee division manager

Say "Hi" to Rachael at one of out markets!

Hobbies/Interests: herbalism, naturalism, esoteric study, books, urbexing, hiking, wood carving, freelance art, travel

Meyer's Brigg: INFP