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Body&Soul Testimonials

"These [aromatherapy inhalers] are a game changer I love them!"
Emmy, Aromatherapy Inhalers

“I'm seeing big improvements from your tooth soap! You guys have the best products in town!” - John

“I had to come back for more! These are really working!”
- Terri, Tooth Soap & Whitening Tooth Scrub

“NOTHING worked for me. I've been on prescription deodorants! I couldn't wear sleeveless shirts! Your deodorant is the only thing that's worked! I would be in a commercial for it! I love the shampoo bars, too!”
Miracle Deodorant & Shampoo Bar

“I used your deodorant at the gym, it worked so well I immediately came back for more! And I'm coming to get some for all my friends!”
-Miracle Deodorant Fan

“I was very impressed with your shampoo bar! I use product and this gets it out. It cleans my hair without over-drying like other bars I've tried. I'm excited to try more of your stuff!”

“I couldn't believe how well the black soap worked! I'm so impressed! I also got custom bath bombs for wedding favors!”
-Black Soap Fan :)

“Your products make the perfect gifts! I bought the chakra roll-on set for my friend who's going through a divorce and it helped her through the tough time!”

“I love your charcoal black scrub! It really works! I had to come back for more!”
-Charcoal Tooth Scrub Fan

“I'm not even going to ask how your deodorant works, I know it's just magic! It literally lasts all day. I came back to get one for everyone in the family! I tested your deodorant against others & it really lasts!”

I don't even know what to do with the unused natural deodorant containers at my house. I don't need them because yours is the only one that works! I've finally found it! It even lightens the underarm skin!”
-Lavender Deodorant Fan

“We love your acne serum and black soap! We have to come back for more whenever we're out!”
- Family of Fans :)

“I love your chakra roll-ons. They're really helpful and peaceful, especially at work!”
- Chakra Fan

I'm a massage therapist so I really love holistic wellness products. I'm a big fan of your bitters and tinctures! The peppermint one is amazing!”
- Tincture Fan

“Your hibiscus jasmine bitter worked better than my menopause medication! I came back for more for me and a friend!”
- Bitters fan

“Your anxiety soap really works! I just love it and really feel the difference!”
- Ashley

“I love your black soap! I had to come back for more!”
-Black Soap Fan

So let's talk skin care really quick. I don't talk about it much because it's so frustrating, but I have eczema on my face. I've had a patch I couldn't clear up with my face oils for the last few months. I've dealt with this for years, and it's always tricky to keep under control. So on top of being pregnant and not wanting to be in front of a camera, add eczema on my chin and you'll never see my face. This Body&Soul cream has ALWAYS cleared up my eczema, but I ran out over the winter and it was driving me nuts. One week back using this, ONE WEEK!, and my face is completely cleared up. Flawless. Plus it's reducing all the evidence it was ever there. And the smell, omg, heaven. Check out Vanessa's amazing products! ?￰ I will always recommend them over ANYTHING else. And how cute is the custom tags she printed for me!
-Sally Ann of Sally Ann Apparel

“I love your acne serum! It completely cleared up my skin and now I can't go without it!” - Acne Serum Fan

“I love your deodorant! I came back for more for my family too, they're all fans. They'll have to fight over the last one!”
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