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The Body&Soul Story

Body&Soul (started 2015) is an herbal & aromatherapy brand with TWO brick&mortar shops, one in Jacksonville, Florida & and one in Brunswick, Georgia. We make natural deodorants, soaps, and aromatherapy goods and provide crystals and new age tools, too!

Our Mission: To Provide High-Quality, Effective Natural Body Care, Herbal Care, and Aromatherapeutic alternatives to conventional, carcinogen & harmful chemical filled products. 

The Problem: Parabens, found in conventional deodorant and body care products, have been found in 100% of Breast Cancer tissue! Aluminum in convention deodorant is linked to Alzheimer's Disease! Conventional body care products contain hormone-disrupting chemicals and often, don't deliver as promised or solve the symptoms temporarily, creating a cycle where you're hooked on the product.

Our Solution: We have over 200 herbal, aromatherapy, and spiritual care products.

Our natural Deodorants, eczema lotions, tooth care and aromatherapy inhaler products are especially raved-reviewed and have been covered by local media. 
Body&Soul was started by Anthony "AJ" Copeland and Vanessa Alvarado, an entrepreneur couple that instantly bonded over their mutual love of holistic living, essential oils, natural body care and small business. Corny, but true, Vanessa was making her own body care products when they met and AJ pressed her to make products for him upon their second meeting, impressed by their quality!

AJ sold his lawn care business and Vanessa sold her vintage reselling business so they could join forces on Body&Soul. They feel the combination of their different skills (Vanessa is the art-nerd-herbalist, AJ has the HR/leadership experience) helped their new business go from their apartment to an Express Shop in Riverside, Jacksonville within months of being in business!
After the first year, AJ and Vanessa were employed by Body&Soul full-time.
And we're still here providing the highest quality handmade herbals and new age goods! 
The Body&Soul Products are formulated by Consuelo and Vanessa Alvarado, a mother-daughter herbalist team that graduated from herbalism school at the same time. During this two year program they were instructed in detail on over 35 healings arts which you can read about in more detail on our combined certifications page. Additionally, AJ is a certified personal trainer and Vanessa is a trained raw vegan chef that's created and taught detailed classes on the topic.

(On that note, we no longer have time for classes but we may release online courses on esoteric/artistic topics.)


Since opening their Express Shop Body&Soul has received rave reviews from the media and customers alike, especially for their best-seller's range which includes their Miracle Deodorant, Charcoal Tooth Care, Aromatherapy Inhalers, Roll-Ons and Soaps!

Breaking out third person tense for a moment, we want to thank everyone who's ever purchased a product from Body&Soul and allowed us to grow to where we are now. Thank YOU for being here and reading this. We are 100% dedicated to creating a high quality brand and product and our mission of helping others. We literally live for this! We LOVE when you reach out with testimonials, please contact us if you have some to share. AJ and I actually use all of our products, we used them before we opened this business and everyone on our team loves them, and we feel like this comes across when you meet us or try our wares. 

We've made what WE want, because we know that's what YOU want. We don't put out anything that we wouldn't use ourselves. We have big plans to keep growing!

Thank you again, please contact us if you have any questions.