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Crystals for Determination + Actions Steps for Mars in Taurus July 5th - August 20th

I’ve been feeling suddenly very determined to ground a lot of my ideas into reality lately, how about you? I should have known The Stars had the answer (haha) when I checked and saw Mars is in Taurus from July 5 until August 20, 2022! This is a -really- special time this year to ground the determination of Mars in a stable, peaceful, sustainable way.

Today I’m sharing some action steps to help you out during this special time period. 

CRYSTAL Suggestions for this period: Aragonite (pictured) / Dragonite Jasper / Barrite

CRYSTAL Bracelet suggestions: Carnelian / Citrine / Hematite and/or Malachite

Any of the crystals and crystal jewelry I’ve suggested above will help you with the following energies/suggestions I list below, as they’re amazing at healing, energizing, grounding, and stabilizing. They’re my favorites for getting ideas out of heads and into terra firma. 

SUGGESTIONS TO MAXIMIZE MARS IN TAURUS | July 5, 2022 - August 20, 2022

  • TAKE IT SLOW AND EASY, ENJOY FRIENDS & LIFE: Taurus rules our relationships. This is a good time for dating and enjoying all of the relationships in our life: family, friendship, and romantic. Taurus energy is slow and encourages you to enjoy simple pleasures. This is not a “deep” time. Go slow. Think “simple”! 
  • EVALUATE YOUR “LIFE CENTER”: Your life center is the main focal point you want to build your life around. Mine is: “Spread Love and Healing”. Now honestly look at your life; and what IS and ISN’T contributing to the centered-driven life you desire? Write it down so you can remove what works and add more that contributes to your “center”.
  • EVALUATE WHAT’S *ALWAYS* WORKED AND NOT-WORKED: Make a list of things that have always worked for you in your life; things that make you productive, happy, whatever it is, large or small. Then write a list of addictions, things that make you go off-course from your goals, or little things that make you unhappy. The list of “what works” is your “toolbox” of things to come back to, and the “not working” list is your list of what to work on fixing, changing, or removing from your life.
  • WORK ON APPEARANCE: Mars in Taurus energy is good for making our diets healthier, exercise, and changing your style or appearance. Enjoy the process :)
  • GET CLEAR ON YOUR MOTIVATIONS: Mars in Taurus is motivating for self-actualization and motivation toward prosperity. What do you want to accomplish this year? If you feel the desire, plan out the next few years or make a life plan. This is a really good time to get the rest of the year’s motivations clear before Mars goes retrograde this year.

Using our Sage Spray is a good idea, to help cleanse the "old" energy and invite in "the new".

THINGS TO WATCH OUT FOR DURING MARS IN TAURUS | July 5, 2022 - August 20, 2022

  • SLOW DOWN: We are moving towards a Mars / Uranus Conjunction which is the biggest astrological time for accidents. Slow down and pay attention! There’s no need to rush, especially now.

  • ACCEPT WHAT IS: We’re moving toward a time where people will want to try to force things to be what they’re not. Accepting things for what they are brings peace and conserves your energy. It allows you to stay objective so you can bring things into your life that will -truly- move you toward your goal.

  • FOCUS: Mars/Uranus conjunction may make us want to change things on a whim or go on random tangents that will take you away from your goals. Remember the exercises you did above that way you have your clarified center to refer to when you feel a random itch to do something that will throw you off-course. 

Photo from walking our retired Greyhound, Zorro. Go for walks, journal, sit with friends or drinks or peacefully by yourself with tea. Make sure to fit in lots of activities that bring you peace this season.

I hope you have time to enjoy this time of peace and beauty between July 5 and August 20, 2022! :)

The rare and beautiful Dragonite Jasper is perfect for this season with Earth and Fire energies.

Come on by our Jacksonville, Florida -OR- Brunswick, Georgia Stores or shop online here if you need anything to cleanse/energize/plan/get your ideas grounded or roll with this motivating energy. Our store is full of healing and magical goodies to help!

Aromatherapy Recommendations:

Ground Roll-On
Empower Roll-On

Cleansing Recommendations: (Use on yourself and in every room of your home to energetically cleanse yourself and your home/car/office space/etc. to invite in this lovely Mars in Taurus energy.)

White Sage
Palo Santo
Nag Champa Incense

Soap Recommendations:

Nag Champa Soap