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Purple Sea Moss Gel

Purple Sea Moss Gel

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Purple Sea Moss has all the detoxing & vitamin/mineral rich benefits of the gold Sea Moss we always carry, but also has extra phytonutrients, antioxidants & anthocyanins.

This Purple Sea Moss also contains::

Dulse: iron/potassium/B6 & B12
Chaga: calms, immunity & antioxidant boosts
Cordyceps: healthy sexual/immune functioning
Reishi Mushroom: anti-inflammatory, anti-aging, Anti-Cancer, improves cognitive ability

Purple Sea Moss is the same as gold Sea Moss, except that it was dried in the shade to preserve the purple color/antioxidants.

Ingredients: Ingredients: Raw wildcrafted sea moss, distilled water, key lime juice, aloe vera juice, chaga mushroom, cordyceps mushroom, reishi mushroom, dulse

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