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Nausea Soap - With Spearmint

Nausea Soap - With Spearmint

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Another ✨NEW✨ soap is out at both stores + available online. This is the companion soap to our Nausea Inhaler & Nausea Roll On. It's loaded with Spearmint essential oil to help with nausea / vertigo / motion sickness / heat sickness / morning sickness or dizzy spells.

🍃How it Works:: Showers or baths are helpful as-is when you're feeling nausea come on, inhaling the spearmint essential oil from these bars while using the soap will ease away dizziness and/or nausea.

I made our "Nausea" line because I'm prone to motion sickness, vertigo, and nausea. Especially when overheated. I wanted to put something out that's 100% Natural + works quickly for that issue 🌱 I do a lot of work outside in Florida/Georgia heat and driving & can attest these nausea soap bars (and roll-ons + inhalers) DO work 👌✨

Also a good soap to use if you love the smell of spearmint 🌿 it generally lifts the mood and is good for oily & combination skin, too.

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