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Focus Inhaler: Aromatherapy Inhalers for Focus

Focus Inhaler: Aromatherapy Inhalers for Focus

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DID YOU KNOW :: Aromatherapy can get you through a midday Focus slump, sans the caffeine crash & disrupted sleep from a midday cup of coffee. Our Focus Inhaler has brain oxygenating Fir Needle essential oil Don't inhale to boost energy, memory & cognitive function 

Our Aromatherapy Inhalers last 6+ Months // Are perfect for Work + School // are safe for all ages.

Click the link to shop our other 6 inhalers: https://bodysoulsoap.com/products/aromatherapy-inhalers-energy-headache-sleep-focus-sinus-anxiety

The others include: Sinus / Anxiety / Headache / Nausea / Sleep / Energy

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