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Body&Soul Natural Body Care Set

Body&Soul Natural Body Care Set

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 A LOT of people have asked us for All-in-One Sets to make it easy to switch to natural, healing, chemical-free Goods for their health -&- their family's, too. This year I've made a resolution to provide the solutions for these frequent requests, starting with our Body Care Set! It comes with the basics for Body Care that I use daily -&- recommend for daily use + Instructions on how to use it all.


Divine Light Soap:: With litsea cubeba, our natural anti-anxiety soap
Shea Butter:: All over body moisturizer, best used at night post-shower
Whitening Charcoal Tooth Scrub:: Your natural tooth paste replacement
Korean Spa Exfoliator:: Lymph massage, exfoliation is important for healthy skin!
Normal Serum:: Use at night after washing your face, wake up to glowing skin!
Lavender Miracle Deodorant:: Use a pea-size amount for all-day relief, lasts all-day
Bamboo Tooth Brush:: Biodegradable and naturally slightly anti-bacterial, soft bristles for optimal gum and tooth health

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