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How to Use Our Herbal Products

We pride ourselves on creating very high quality herbal and aromatherapeutic products and bringing it to a wide audience for healing! The things, sometimes people don't know how to use these products! Consider our online user's guide!

First Thing:  Our products are not evaluated by the FDA. In fact, body care products and herbal supplements are not evaluated by the FDA in stores, either. Yep, those big brands are not evaluated either! The good thing is that you can look at our labels and see ours and 100% natural, organic and plant based!

That Said: Every single human body is different and reacts to natural botanicals differently. We encourage spot-testing for all of our products to ensure there is no allergic reactions.

Why We Know: The products we make are Clinical Herbalist and Aromatherapist formulated. For more details on our certifications go here.

Switch our your products: Your body adapts to everything you put on or in it. Think of caffeine, you have to switch up the type and dosages you use to get the same buzz. We recommend switching your products every 3 months. We have enough variety for this to happen, just contact us for tips if needed!

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Tinctures / Bitters: Use a few drops under the tongue (sublingual) it's the fastest route to the blood stream. You can work your way up to half a syringe amount. This will vary by individual, test it out and see how it works for you. You can also add bitters to lotions, shampoos, body oils, and conditioners. Peppermint or rosemary in the hair, for instance, is great for

These are also amazing in cocktails!

Body Oils: A small amount is best applied all over after your bath or shower.

Essential Oils: Never use undiluted or "neat" as it's known. Mix these in body oils, shampoos, lotions, conditioners, use a few drops in your bath. Add some to your cleansing products. Use to make your own products. Use a few drops in a diffuser.

Deodorant: Shower and dry as normal. Apply a thin amount to your arm pits. Rub in until thoroughly covered and absorbed. 

Aromatherapy Sprays: Spray in your car, office, home or even on yourself for aromatherapy relief!