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Aloe & Rhassoul Clay Soap Bar

Aloe & Rhassoul Clay Soap Bar

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A luxuriously moisturizing and skin-healing face bar. The Rhassoul Clay is soothing & gentle for all skin-types, the high levels of silica, magnesium, potassium and calcium nourish & deep clean the skin. The high aloe content keeps this soap from over-drying the skin. 

Aloe Facts:

-Contains a natural sunscreen that blocks 20-30 percent if ultraviolet rays

-Both astringent and soothing

-Perfectly matches the natural PH of our skin, making it a near-perfect skin tonic

-Key Constituents: Fiber, B Vitamins, Vitamin E, selenium, silicon, enzymes, aloin, anthraquinones, polysaccharides, tannins

-A key polysaccharide helps skin retain moisture and promotes the growth of healthy new skin cells

Rhassoul Clay Facts:

-Soothes inflammation & irritation reducing redness in sensitive or dry skin & generally healing skin

-Balances oil production for all skin types.

-Has a strong negative electromagnetic charge which draws out the positive-charged toxins, dirt & grime under your skin. The result, deeply cleansed skin.

-Sourced from Atlas Mountains of Morocco, also know as Red Clay or Moroccan Red Clay.

-Formed due to volcanic activity and geothermal changes giving it its rich magnetic charge & rich silicate & mineral properties


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