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Anxiety Roll-On

Anxiety Roll-On

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We get a lot of questions about how to reduce anxiety, gently & naturally. One of our most-popular options is our Anti-Anxiety Roll-on. 🌱 To Use: Pause for a moment, apply on your pulse-points, take a moment to breathe deeply, enjoying the uplifting aroma✨🌿✨ the may chang essential oil calms the nervous system. This works instantly + is gentle enough for all ages.

✨ Other Roll-Ons in our -Aromatherapy Collection- Include:: Energy // Focus // Sleep // Nausea // Sinus // Headache (We have -Chakra- & -Attraction- Roll-Ons as well)

✨ How it Works 🌿:: Two olfactory nerve tracks run right into the limbic system, the brain's memory/emotion center. In holistic healing we start with aromatherapy because it's non-invasive, but immediately effective. ✨ And that quick effect is so encouraging when you need emotional healing. 🙏

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