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Smoky Quartz Bracelet - Rids Negativity, Protects, Purifies, Eases Emotional Conflict

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Like Sage or Smudging Smoke, Smoky Quartz purifies and enlightens the Mind, Body, & Soul. It fills the aura and soul with light and lightness. Smoky Quartz helps balance emotions, calms the mind during meditation. It wards off negativity and protects and guides work with spirits and spiritual work generally. It rids stagnation in life, clarifies intentions and helps release earthly desires. It eases emotional conflict and brings light wherever it's needed in your life. One of my favorite stones, and just beautiful to look at and wear, too! 

* This Bracelet will come in the mail in its own gauze bag as pictured in the second photo!

*These bracelet are popular for gift-giving.

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