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Ocean Jasper Crystal Wand

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These Ocean Jasper Wands are *gorgeous*! This rare jasper can only be harvested at low tide and carries the energy of the ocean it formed in over thousands of years. 

Ocean Jasper aids emotional understanding, meditation, and purification. It’s said to activate and align the Solar Plexus, Heart, and Throat Chakras, creating a powerful channel for achieving sustainable joy and emotional stability. It helps release strains on the heart, urging you to vocalize and move forward from your emotional issues.

This is a magical stone for regaining control of the emotional body so you can grow into and manifest your next highest version.

*How to Use Crystal Wands:: Run the wand all over your body and your home, like you would with sage, to help “wash away” old energy and attract your new higher vibration. Visualize the ocean’s waves washing your old bad habits and outworn emotions away for maximum effect. 

This is also a good wand to set on your bedside table to assist with dreamwork, the element of water is excellent for intuition, meditation, and dreams. :)

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