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McCormick's Honey - Local Wildflower Honey

McCormick's Honey - Local Wildflower Honey

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This listing is for one glass jar of local wildflower honey from Jacksonville, Florida.

✨ Wildflower Honey Benefits:: Relief from allergy/cold/flu symptoms, immune boosting, enzyme & antioxidant rich, promotes good heart/cholesterol health.

✨Usage Suggestions: drizzle on food and in warm, not hot, drinks, as not to kill the enzymes.

✨Honey for Beauty 🌹: My favorite "lesser-known" use for honey is as an anti-aging mask. Honey is an anti-aging humectant, it draws moisture from the air into your skin.

✨Honey Hair Bleach & Skin Lightener: Honey has an enzyme called glucose oxide, a safe, natural hydrogen peroxide. You can (slightly & gradually, haha) lighten your hair with honey over time. As a mask, it evens your complexion & kills acne-causing bacteria.

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