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Herbal Gum Repair Powder

Herbal Gum Repair Powder

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This herbal gum repair powder helps with receding gums, sensitivity, gingivitis and other tooth and gum issues.

To Use: Dip a wet tooth brush into this powder formula and brush your teeth with a small amount. You can use this every night in conjunction with your regular tooth paste or with our natural tooth care collection. Brush for 60 seconds as normal, bonus points if you leave this on your teeth and gums for another 5 minutes or so to allow the formula to penetrate the gums.

How it Works: This formula is made with premiere gum healers that and absorbed by the tissues in your mouth and get to work repairing inflammation and gum repair. They increase growth of the soft tissues and help kill bacteria that cause infections and disease.


Ingredients: sage, echinacea, blessed thistle, peppermint, frankincense, licorice root, hyssp

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