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Why "Body&Soul" + Logo Story

So why the name "Body&Soul"?

It's literally in the name. We make products that heal the "body" physically down to a cellular level, compounded with herbs and essential oils.

We also make products for the "soul" like our sage sprays and chakra roll-ons. This too, is a science. It's required study in most clinical herbalism and aromatherapy courses and is classified as the study of "energetics."

Explaining that scientific constituents of essential oils is easy. It's black or white that the terpene aldehydes that make up 75% of one of our favorite signature essential oils, May Chang (Litsea cubeba) have a calming, anti-inflammatory affect on the human body. The "energetics" is where things might get too "woo woo" for some, but it's something we here at Body&Soul feel is worth considering.

We love that essential oils are technically "alive" it's the healing essence of the plant. These are active molecules that work to heal, that have proven emotional affects on the body. We consider all of these things, the emotional affects of each oil, when we formulate our products.

Try our products, and you'll -feel- the difference, in both Body...and Soul! 

Our Logo!

If you're one of those that love our logo, thank you so much! Vanessa made it in collaboration with a friend, writer, vintage-collector and talented illustrator: 

We designed it with elements for a specific purpose. We wanted it to communicate the clinical elements of what we do AND the esoteric study that is often closely linked with  it!

I wanted it to communicate that our products heal the body clinically (the logo has the amber dropper bottle essential for clinical herbalist creations) and the soul energetically (communicated with the overall psychedelic look and inclusion of the sage bundle and the moon). I'm always smudging with palo santo or sage or burning incense so I wanted to words of the logo to look like they were written with smoke. I love watching smoke's swirling patterns. I do this to relax but it's also an ancient art known as scrying, seeing images in smoke and other natural patterns.